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Kidding season is always a special time on the farm, one met with great
anticipation. From day one, we form a special bond with each of our kids. We start
by trying to be in attendance at each birth. This is not always an easy feat, but one
that has many rewards. This practice helps to save lives, by being there to assist if
there are any problems with a dam or kid during or after labor.

We love our goats and enjoy sharing in this wonderful event. I never get tired of the
miracle of birth.  It is amazing thing to watch and I don't want to miss a single kid
being born. I help dry off the kids and make sure they nurse okay.  By having
human contact so early and reinforced daily, we continue to produce friendly and
manageable goats. Our kids are not usually bottle fed, instead we believe in
"Raising Nubians the Natural Way." Our does produce triplets and quads quite
often.  I always make sure that all the kids have all the milk they need to get the
best start in life possible.  This is one of the times that I do bottle feed my kids with
fresh goats milk.  My kids only get milk, hay and pasture until I start to wean them.  
At this time I introduce sweet feed to their diet.

Our goats are CAE negative, therefore we allow them to nurse directly on their
dams, the way Mother Nature intended. For safety reasons, all of our kids are
disbudded; unless the future owner has requested us not to, in advance. If a
buckling does not meet our standards for a quality herd sire, he will be neutered
and sold strictly as a pet wether, once he is at least 2 months old. Before leaving
our farm, all kids are registered with the ADGA and tattooed in their right and left
ears for identification; this is in accordance with the Kentucky state Scrapie ID
program, effective July 1, 2006.

The kids' pages are organized by kidding season. If you are looking to buy a kid,
please see our Current Kidding Season. If you are interested in reserving a future
kid (or just want to look at more goat pictures), you might find our Previous Kidding
Seasons helpful. There you can see what our goats have produced in the past, to
help you make a decision. To reserve a future kid, please see our
Breeding &
Kidding Schedule.

Please click on any of the below dates for pictures and details of kids from each
kidding season.

Previous Kidding Seasons

March 2012-April 2012
20 kids- 5 does & 15 bucklings.
Note: We currently have 4 bucklings for sale.

February 2011- July 2011
19 kids - 11 doelings & 8 bucklings.
Note: All kids available for purchase are sold.

February 2010- April 2010
17 kids - 6 doelings & 11 bucklings.
Note: All kids available for purchase are all sold.

December 2008 - May 2009.
31 kids - 19 doelings & 12 bucklings.
Note: All kids available for purchase are all sold.

November 2007 - May 2008
26 kids - 14 doelings & 12 bucklings.
Note: All kids have been sold.

January - April 2007
20 kids - 11 doelings, 5 bucklings, & 4 pet wethers.
Note: All kids have been sold.

January - March 2006
19 kids - 10 doelings, 7 bucklings, & 2 pet wethers.
Note: All kids have been sold.

February - April 2005
11 kids - 3 doelings, 2 bucklings, & 6 pet wethers.
Note: All kids have been sold.

March 2004
7 kids - 3 doelings, 1 buckling, & 3 pet wethers.
Note: All kids have been sold.

Birth Announcements
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